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The Meme Team

Meme curator Tony Zaret counts down the top 5 memes of the week and rates them as share, like, scroll or report with a "team" of special guest meme experts. Follow along on Instagram at @tonyzaret.

Apr 30, 2018

Gaming - it's the coolest hobby ever invented. And one of the great benefits of being a video game player or 'gamer' is that you can also enjoy the many amusing gamer memes available online. Joining us on the Meme Team Podcast to review the best gamer memes out there is 'Meme Insider' correspondent @hugeplateofketchup8...

Apr 23, 2018

For the first time in human history a bunch of cartoon blobs created for an audience of 5-year-olds has been embraced by middle-aged right-wing adults. These creatures are known as 'Minions' and not only do they star in movies made for an international audience of small children, they also feature prominently in memes...

Apr 16, 2018

The country of China has remained a fixture in the western news recently with talks of a 'trade war' and other controversies - but so far little has been mentioned of the country's fastest growing export: memes. We recently spent 2 weeks on a meme-finding tour of China and have returned to discuss 5 image macros from  

Apr 2, 2018

For many people, a life unencumbered by a romantic partner means the freedom to pursue one's own goals without restrictions - but for others, the single life is a lonely, rudderless journey filled with binge-watching and ice-cream-indulging. But while some people enjoy being single and others don't, there's one thing...