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The Meme Team

Meme curator Tony Zaret counts down the top 5 memes of the week and rates them as share, like, scroll or report with a "team" of special guest meme experts. Follow along on Instagram at @tonyzaret.

Jun 12, 2018

What has been the biggest technological advance of the current millennium? The smartphone that's allowed people to carry a personal computer in the palm of their hand? Advancements in green energy that have made our cars more earth-friendly and efficient? While important, these inventions are dwarfed by something no...

Jun 4, 2018

Every 50 or so years a piece of music comes along that not only redefines the art of sound, but redefines who we are as humans. The symphonies of Beethoven, the spiritual jazz of John Coltrane and now there is... Despacito. Joining us to discuss Despacito Memes is the admin of Instagram's 'Despacito_Is_Epic', home of...